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PForth is a public domain, portable ANS Forth based on a kernel written in ANSI 'C'. This makes it easy to port pForth to multiple platforms. So far, pForth has run on Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Beagle Board, Raspberry Pi, SUNs, Amigas, BeOS, Nokia Communicator, SGI Indys, 3DO ARM systems, 3DO PowerPC systems, WebTV systems, Hitachi SH4, OpenTV prototypes, Compaq Ipaq 3970, Sharp LH79520 ARM processor, Ciena Systems networking hardware, and some internal projects at Lucent. If you build pForth for an embedded system, please let me know and I will add your machine to the list of machines that pForth has run on.

PForth was developed by Phil Burk while working at 3DO. PForth is open source, and may be used for free.

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